Morning Person


I long to be a morning person. Truly I do. The kind of person who wakes with sun and bounds out of bed and gets right to the day’s to-do list and feels like the day is half gone by 10:oo am.

But I love me my sleep. (I think I’ve mentioned this once or twice before)

It’s kind of an odd paradox that morning is actually one of my favorite times of the day. The bliss of half waking slumber. The streams of sunlight through the windows. The promise of a new day and all the possibility it holds. The worries of yesterday faded and at bay. The soft hugs of the rumpled slept-in sheets.  And my hubby or my little girl just a rollover away for morning snuggles.

The problem is I want to stay in those moments. I think I hit the snooze button just to have more of them.

It’s the getting out of bed and getting the day going that’s the problem. I love the morning, but man, do I hate waking up!

I whine about not being as productive as I’d like, and more than one self-help book have suggested that waking up earlier is key. And they say it with all the gusto and chipperness of true morning people– “Don’t hit that snooze button! C’mon, the day is waiting! Get up, get up, get up!”

I know it’s true. I know that if I just woke up an hour or two earlier than I do (which is not all that early as an unemployed person these days) that I could get more done. I’ve done it on occasion. It feels good when I’ve done it. But I can’t seem to make it a habit. I’m slow to wake. I ease into my day. Unless there’s something that thrusts me right into it. Because I can’t seem to thrust myself.

So here it is, late at night. It’s past my bedtime and I am writing. It’s easier to fight getting into bed than fight getting out of it (though both are battles I typically lose). I am writing now because I can’t get up early to do it. Or maybe more accurately because I choose to not to.

I long to be a morning person.

Perhaps I can train myself to be one. The greatest thing about mornings is that they’ll come around again.

The promise of a new day awaits.

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