My Little Miracle


My Daughter. She’s a miracle of modern science, she is. Here’s the very first photo that was taken of her:

Don’t ask me which one is her, but one is. One of those five clusters of cells grew into a healthy baby girl. It blows my mind.

I know in vitro is pretty old hat by now and well, hey, everybody’s doing it, but for me, it doesn’t seem any less amazing.¬†Were it it not for advances in science and technology, I would probably not be a mother (or at least a birth mother). But more than that, I know that God had a hand in this.

Man can do amazing things. He can invent sliced bread and planes that can fly us through the sky. He can build skyscrapers and miles of tunnels under water. He can invent the Internet and ways to see and talk to people thousands of miles away in an instant.

And man can even take a syringe full of sperm and an egg harvested from ovary and make an embryo in a petri dish. But man? He can’t breathe life and soul into a cluster of cells and turn it into this:

Kind of makes the iPad look like tinker toys, doesn’t it?

Thank you, God.

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