The Window


We had been looking at townhouses and houses to rent for about a month and half and were growing a bit discouraged. We had our list of “must haves” and our list of “really wants” and, of course, we wanted them all reasonably priced.

We needed a two bedroom and were hoping for maybe an office space too. And we needed a place that would allow dogs. Greg really wanted to rent a single family home so that we could have a fenced in yard like we did in Burbank– boy did we get spoiled there! But most homes we saw were too big (and expensive) for our needs, and most townhouses weren’t the best situation for the dog. It was difficult trying to find a place we could be happy in for a year or two and not feel claustrophobic while still trying to keep the rent under a certain amount.

We got the phone call from our realtor that she found a place, a duplex, we should look at right away, so off we went. When we saw it, we decided pretty quickly that we would take it. It was the first place that both my husband and I liked equally well. There was something very charming about it. We were won over by the obviously family and dog friendly neighborhood. And it had the perfect amount of space. We signed the lease on the spot. It was Mother’s Day.

We moved in slowly and it took some time unboxing all of our things and getting used to our new surroundings. It’s an older building, so it has its problems for sure. There’s not enough electrical outlets and counter space, and cabinets and doors don’t close quite right, but there are great things about it too.

There’s enough room for us all. Greg has an office space on the top floor with the bedrooms; I have an office space on the bottom floor; Charlie has her own bedroom; and we set up the small porch off the living room as a play room for her.

I’m pretty sure Charlie’s favorite thing about the place is the window on the wall between the living room and the porch. Obviously the porch was added on after the original structure was built and the window probably looked out over the yard. But now, well, it’s a convenient portal for Charlie. A perfect passageway from her play room to the rest of the house.

She loves to climb through the window and bounce onto the couch.

It’s a great view for movie watching while eating some PB & J.

Obviously, the window was meant for Charlie. And the rest of it? For us, for now, it’s home.


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