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Hey folks! This is what they call here in the blogging world a guest post. I’ve worked with my best pal Lisa (who is a best pal, in part, because she indulges me by faithfully reading what I write) on a few things, and I told her she’s welcome to guest post here if she ever wanted to. She’s not really a writer, but I think I’ve turned her onto the hobby a wee bit.  She IS a voracious reader, and, as it happens, a morning person. She read my last post and decided she’d take me up on the offer to guest post. So, for another point of view, here ya go:

By Lisa

I too was never a morning person. My mother who worked from the time my sister and I were 5 or 6 liked to sleep in on the weekends and we didn’t get up too early ourselves. We weren’t the type of family that hit the road at the crack of dawn for vacations. My husband’s family was that family. You know the kind– up at 3am in the station wagon with the pop-up camper in tow. We just sat in Jersey shore traffic on a Saturday like everyone else.

As a teen and in my early 20s I waitressed and bartended and kept pretty late hours so sleeping into the afternoon was never an issue. I once remember asking to work the breakfast shift at Friendly’s and was told no, they didn’t trust me to get there on time.  I can’t say they were wrong as many times in my Bennigan’s days I did oversleep and got to my lunch shifts late.

Then I got married. My husband Rob and I didn’t live together before we got married as a lot of people do now. We just lived at home with our parents – yes very provincial – until we got married. Guess what? I married a morning person, oh my!

Yes, most weekday mornings Rob left for work at the crack of dawn leaving me to my own devices and with the snooze alarm, and I’d get off to work on time every day. Having a 9 am morning staff meeting that you could not be late for was very motivating.

And on the weekends, Rob would get up around 5/5:30am and slip out to the living room to watch Sports Center and have his morning coffee. Crazy right?

I would hear him stirring and know he was waiting to start the day, and eventually I started getting up earlier and earlier. Soon it was…  yes, if we can leave at 7am to divide and conquer between the laundry and the supermarket we can have the rest of our day back so much sooner. And of course we should leave for vacation on the earliest crack of dawn flight to get the most time in.

A big part of embracing being a morning person is avoiding traffic and crowds. Why be at the bank on a Saturday at 11am? Who wants to be at the Shop Rite deli line, forty numbers back on a Sunday afternoon? Why spend two hours on the Parkway when it can be one hour and fifteen minutes if you just head out earlier?

Some would say we are rushing our lives. I like to think I have less stress and angst because I am never late and don’t mind down time. Like getting to the airport early so I don’t have to rush. Sitting with my book knowing I am safely in the gate area is just fine with me.

Honestly, being a morning person during the weekday has been in fits and starts. I’ve had time periods where I have gone to work at 7:30am because you can get so much more done in that hour and a half when there are no co-workers or phones to disrupt you than you can from 9am-5pm. I’ve had time periods where I go to 5:30am  or 6am workout classes (note: I do not get up at that hour for just an appointment between me and a treadmill.)

The weekends mornings for the last 13 years have been spent waking at 7am with Rob and our dog, Miller to get Miller to the park. Occasionally after hosting a party or having a lot of company, the three of us will sleep in until 8am or even 9am. (gasp!)

Currently I am truly living the life of a morning person. Five mornings a week I get up at 5am and head off to the gym. I love the gym, I love clearing my head in a morning spin class, I love checking “workout” off of my list before 7am.

And I admit I feel a little smug about it. At lot of that comes from just being proud of myself for sticking to it. I’ve been up and out early three days a week for going on two years with the last 8-10 months pushing to five days. And mostly because I really, deep down, believe that truly successful people are morning people. I am probably wrong and if there were polls and surveys done, there are probably equally as many night owls who are super successful too. I think the key though is that to have more time to do what you want to do, you have to strive for one or the other… morning person or night owl and make better use of your time than the ordinary Joe.

So I haven’t totally found my success but for now I’ll stick with my 10pm bedtime and be a morning person.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I agree with you about the successful people being morning people premise. I think studies have shown they typically are more productive. Not that there are not successful night owls– I’m not one of those either.
    I also tend to need more sleep than the average bear. I just do.
    But you’re so right. I know I need to be a morning person and that it would make a huge difference in my productivity. It’s just so hard to create new habits. I should’ve joined the army like my dad told me to :-) THAT would’ve made me a morning person!
    And truthfully, I would miss some of the things that being lazy and leisurely in the mornings allow– a small price to pay, I suppose!


  2. LeeWee says:

    I am a morning person, but I too need more sleep than “normal” people. So I am in bed around 9 to get up by 6:30. I am planning on the morning workout soon. This will require me to be up at 5ish to go to the gym and back and get ready for work. I’m not sure how this will turn out. Wish me luck!!!


  3. Irene Landon says:

    I, too, wish to be a morning person…supposedly as one ages, the less sleep they need (or maybe just unable to sleep). Not me! Still need my 9 hrs. I suppose, though, after a while it just becomes habit. Lately, for some reason, I’ve been getting 8. I know, I know..go to bed earlier. But in my retirement years, who cares? I go to bed around 11 PM and read till about 12:30, get up around 10 AM.. Kelly comes by it honestly…she has always been like that..a sleep later, a procrastinator, chronically late…all my traits! Sorry Kelly :(….. But if Kelly didn’t have those traits she would be a “perfect” person!


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