Waiting For Irene


What a strange day.

It’s a little after 6:00 pm as I sit here in my living room and type this on my laptop. It’s been eerily quiet and it’s been raining a little off an on since the morning.

My good friend’s birthday is tomorrow, but we decided to meet for breakfast this morning figuring it best not to venture out after tonight.

After breakfast, at my husband’s request, I headed to the ShopRite for some last minute provisions, and got most of what we needed except for batteries which have been sold out since yesterday.

Now, the three of us are just home and hunkered down. Greg and Charlie just finished watching Brides of Dracula (oy). and I’ve been playing around on my laptop while I can still get some Internet access. Charlie has worn only pajamas and/or princess dress up clothes since yesterday (It was pajama day at school yesterday). It’s the fist time since we moved into our new place that we’ve had no real plans for the weekend and plan to stay put. It’s kind of nice to be here as a family with time to just hang and play.

But it’s strange.

I don’t remember ever “preparing” for a storm before. We’re not in an area that’s in real danger, but at the very least, we’ll probably face flooding of local roads, and have no idea how this new residence of ours will fare with the heavy rain. We took in some of the patio furniture and made sure important things were up off the floor in the basement.

At first, I like many people, were a bit skeptical. Things were quiet. Still are. So far. Is this just overreacting? Evacuations? Really? Is the local media hyping up what will be just a heavy rain storm?

Only time will tell. Better safe than sorry I guess.

Even if it doesn’t turn out to be altogether necessary, it’s nice to hunker down at home once in while and just be a family.

I just hope we can be a family in a home with power.

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  1. Lisa Kelly says:

    Nothing like being forced to stay in your jammies at home


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