Worth Repeating


Hey there, Readers!

Thank you! That’s the gist of it. That’s what’s worth repeating– thank you!

There’s so much to see and read here in the blogosphere, so the fact that you’re at this little space of mine tickles me pink. and it does not matter to me one little bit if you’re visiting because you know and love me or because my mother told you to or because you stumbled on this blog accidentally. I am enormously grateful either way.

I have loyal readers who comment faithfully and that makes me feel loved. I have people who stop by for just a brief time on occasion, and that gives me the warm fuzzies. I have some new readers too, and that, well, that makes me all tingly inside like any new relationship with possibilities.

I’ve written this before, but it’s worth repeating.

1. Know that your comments are always always welcome– if you have something to say. If not, that’s okay too.

2. To make sure you are commenting on the correct post, click on the number in parentheses directly underneath the title next to my name.

3. (And this is new) When you type your comment, there’s a box you can check underneath that reads “notify me of followup comments via email,\.” What checking that box will do is send you email alerts if anyone else comments on that particular post or if I (or anyone else) replies to your comment. I am trying to be better about replying to comments, so you’ll know if I do through email instead of having to check back. Just wanted you to know that feature was there.

4. You can always use my contact page if you don’t know my email and would prefer to send me a private message instead.

5. If you click on any links to products or use the Amazon search box on my sidebar, well, yes, I can make a teensy weensy bit of money that helps pay for this site.

(The upside of not being a super popular blogger is that I don’t have trolls and people who leave mean comments and messages just because they can. I’ve never understood mean people because spending time and energy simply to make someone else feel bad seems rather pointless and sad to me. That’s not to say you’re not allowed to disagree with me and say so in the comments. I love hearing other points of view. Just be nice about it!)

I think that covers it.

Thank you for being here. I love company. Come back and visit whenever you’d like! Bring your friends– the more the merrier!



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  1. Lisa Kelly says:

    BTW I enjoyed seeing this midday yesterday. Very proactive of you.

    And you got the evening off… good job!


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