You Can’t Hurry Love…Or My Three-Year-Old


It’s the calm after the storm. And before the next one.

We managed through Hurricane turned Tropical Storm Irene just fine. There’s actually been more problems after the storm with flooding and road closures. I think the winds were more gusty yesterday than they were doing the storm, and probably took down a few more branches. I haven’t ventured further than our local grocery store, and am going to try to stay away from major highways for one more day.

My mother lost power after the storm and has been told she won’t have it back until Saturday. (Glad I moved out of her house when i did!) But thankfully, we did not lose power at all.

My husband was hoping to get a day off from work today, but no such luck. Back to business as usual.

And this week we begin preparing for the new storm that’s headed our way– Storm Mommy-has-to-go-back-to-work.

Okay, maybe it’s not a real storm, but it’s still going to throw new things in our path, there’s still definitely potential for damage, and the preparations are no less necessary and tedious. Mostly, the sleep thing. I’ve mentioned before how my kid hates to go to sleep and gets to bed way too late. Well, yesterday we started trying to shift our schedules so that bed and wake time were about an hour and a half earlier, so that when I start my job next week, it won’t be such a shock.

I’ve got to get Charlie used to getting up earlier so we can all get out the door in a timely fashion. And if there’s one phrase my child does NOT respond well to, it is, “Hurry up!” (or “Let’s go, we’re late!” or Jesus Christ, Come on already!” or any of those variations) It matters not the time or place or situation, but when I need my child to move, she would rather play. And the very second she senses that I’m tense or yes, even pissed off about it, she responds by shutting down. Just shutting down.

If she’s at home, she’ll seriously crawl under the kitchen table or run to her princess tent in the play room and hide. If we’re out and about she’ll just plop herself down. And the only way I get her to move again without a serious scene and me totally losing it in an ugly ugly way is for me to take a breath and re-group and explain that Mommy isn’t mad and be all cool about it. And I can’t fake it either. She knows. Not so easy when you’ve been ready and just trying to get out the damn door for twenty minutes.

I’ve been lucky so far that drop off times at pre-school have been pretty flexible and I haven’t had a job to get to after I drop her off. Most mornings are fine because I can take my time about things and play and coax and cajole, and if I get here there twenty minutes later than I hoped, no big deal.  But there have been times I’ve had an appointment or something important, and it’s usually been a stressful mess.

Now, every day we’ll be on a more rigid schedule, and the only solution is to start early so that I don’t have to move her too fast. UGH.

It will probably be that my husband will be the one on drop-off duty, but it will still be interesting. We haven’t had experienced the morning bustle of everyone in the house getting up and ready and out the door together. At least not since Charlie was barely walking. She was still young enough then when she couldn’t really object too much (in words or actions).

Kids are pretty adaptable, and I hope this holds true for this situation. I’m hoping we’ll all find our rhythm and it may even turn out better for her that she’s going to school full time.

I’m still having a hard time with all of this myself and it’s not just Charlie who is going to have some adjusting to do. There’s just no way to know what this will hold and I’ll feel about it all until I’m in the thick of it. In the mean time, we’re just trying to prepare as best we can.

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