Halloween Interrupted


First, let’s talk about the absolutely ridiculous weather Mother Nature threw in our path two days before Halloween. I honestly thought the weather guy on the radio must’ve been kidding when he said “snow.” Snow in October. C’mon now. I stayed in the denial stage right up until I saw the big fat flakes. But then I just went into a kind of modified denial. “Oh, it won’t stick,” I told my husband. “It’s just going to turn to rain.”

You can see where this is going, right? Down came the snow. As the anger phase set it, I begrudingly climbed up into our attic to get the bin of gloves and scarves and hats muttering on about how Mother Nature was fucking with my favorite season (that would be fall)

We had plans to go to my in-laws’ house and despite the blanket of white, we headed over. We weren’t on the road ten minutes when we got a call telling us that they lost power. Turns out that heavy wet snow + foliated trees = lots and lots of falling tree limbs that can’t handle the weight which then take out plenty of power lines during their tumble to the streets. The aftermath was worse than the days following Hurricane Irene. Let me share some images with you:

So that night, we ate dinner at my in-law’s by candlelight and headed back home where we were fortunate to not have lost power.

Two days later, it was Halloween. Or at least it was supposed to be. I had taken the day off so I could attend Muffin’s Halloween parade at school and then take her trick-or-treating before it got dark. Some of the snow had melted, but there were still plenty of power and cable lines and branches and lining the streets. But hey, Halloween must go on, right? Turns out not so much. First, the parade was cancelled, but at least she got to go to school in costume and have some fun there.

Charlie as "Punzel" in wig #1 (we had a back up plan in case this didn't work out)

After school, we took Muffin to the in-laws (where they stayed without power for a total of five days) to do some trick-or treating there. The streets were strangely quiet and our first few hopeful knocks yielded nothing. I thought if we moved to the top half of the street where folks did have power, we’d have better luck. We did a little. But at our second or third house we leaned why the streets were void of the usual crowds of kids– we weren’t supposed to be trick-or-treating. Bloomfield postponed Halloween. My in-laws never got the message (and how would they would no phone or power?) Apparently the powers that be in several towns decided that it wasn’t a great idea for dressed up candy-seekin’ folk to be dodging branches and fallen power lines and hey, well, just do it Friday instead.

What the hell? You can’t postpone Halloween. I’m pretty sure ghosts and goblins and witches and stuff are all weather sorts, right?


We tried not to let the lonely streets dissuade us and we hedged our bets that enough people had candy and wouldn’t mind seeing a cute little Rapunzel.

We got enough candy to make my Muffin happy. We then went back to my in-laws where we all sat around my hubby’s computer in the cold dark house with no power to watch a scary movie before taking Charlie back home.

Charlie switched to her back-up hair for trick-or treating

It was a strange Halloween. But it didn’t stop my Muffin from having fun.

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